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My Three Reasons

Why I want to serve neighbors in Government? There are several reasons, here are some of the biggest. 

We don’t need government to be the difference maker in our lives. We the people make the difference. Average Citizens, caring giving people and the free market solve more problems than government. People and the free market are better suited to address challenges. Government has its place certainly. It serve us by executed needed functions; protection of the citizens, roads and infrastructure.

Return Public Service to Local & County Government, Protecting the Taxpayers, Growing Responsibly. I look forward to continuing to serve neighbors in Hamilton County.  

Returning Public Service to County Government – Most long term elected officials are desensitized to one simple fact. They work for the us the people. Unfortunately this happens naturally as they get returned to office term after term after term. What happens over time is the loss of a servants heart and an ever increasing feeling of self-importance. Spend time watching and then interacting with an elected official and you can tell if it’s superficial gladhanding or an actual caring heart for serving people.  

We have locally elected officials that have been in office for decades (yes 20 and even 30 years and more). You can tell when election season approaches as they magically appear in the paper, at events gladhanding, It has already begun for the next election cycle. Returning actual public service to County Government means doing the work that takes care of our neighbors. In a practical sense, representing neighbors like they would themselves. It means being accessible, it means listening more, it means talking much less and it means transparent communication. It is getting your hands dirty doing the actual work serving those that you work for. This starts with showing up and doing the work. If the people hire me for this work neighbors will have my cell number and can stop by my local office to talk in person. I will have hours open to the public to stop by and talk at our Noblesville office. I will take it further and regularly publish my timesheet for you (my employer) to be completely aware of what is being worked on, on your behalf.

serving the public is NOT

  • a photo opportunity play acting in brand new tennis shoes pretending to work alongside the highway department.
  • ensuring pay increases for yourself, your child and your best friend.
  • Agreeing to allow $75 MILLION dollars in cost overruns for the State Road 37 project
  • Skipping (not showing up) to vote on the annual budget


Protecting the Taxpayers – First Responders, Services, Economic Development, Workforce Development and Taxes.

First Responders are the front line of protection. They must be well trained and equipped to serve the almost 400,000 citizens of Hamilton County. World class services are non-negotiable. We must deliver great value and respect the taxpayer both as governments customer and as our reason for being there. We need to attract and retain the right kinds of jobs. Jobs that will be here long after we are not. We can facilitate training opportunities that help our neighbors prepare for the careers of tomorrow. We should invest tax dollars like they are coming out of our personal checkbook. We must safeguard tax dollars knowing that saying yes to something means saying no to something else. These are among a number of ways local government protects it’s taxpayers. With the influx of tens of millions in cash from the federal government, county bank accounts are overflowing. Now it is more important than ever to put solid fiscal leadership in charge of approving what tax dollars are spent on.

What doesn’t protect the Taxpayers

  • A rubber stamp vote that approves 99% of all the spending initiatives presented to the Council.
  • Skipping (not showing up) to vote on the annual budget.
  • Voting for and Passing a pay increase for yourself
  • Voting for and passing a pay increase for your family member
  • Suspending the rules or order, motioning for, voting for and passing a pay increase for the coroner (an elected friend); already the highest paid coroner in the state
  • Missing and voting for the biggest cost overrun project in Hamilton County history, the state road 37 cost overrun – presently at $42 MILLION tax payer dollars.


Growing Responsibly – Economic and Recreational

The new census data will be released in the fall of 2021. Hamilton County is likely to be near or beyond 400,000 residents making us likely to be the second largest county in Indiana.

The wrong kind of growth is problematic. Responsible growth is saving first, spending second. Reduce debt where and as much as possible. If too much future tax money is pledged (via debt) ultimately, we can harm services, starve growth and increase costs. If not enough investment is made, we can also harm services and starve growth. It is important to find the right balance between investment, debt and savings. It’s important to hire people that understand employment, risk management, contracts, business operations and public finance.

Green-ways, parks and recreational opportunities are important to families in a growing vibrant County. Paying as we go is the responsible way to create and maintain these amenities, not with excessive debt. The challenge for County Government is to use the tools available and achieve the right balance between Economic Growth that adds value to the city, excellent stewardship of the people’s money and honoring all the obligations and responsibilities to our citizenry. Responsible growth doesn’t often get headlines, it is the kitchen table common sense approach used by taxpayers in their own families.


For comments or questions Hall can be reached at or by phone at 317-832-1104.

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