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“Influence in lives and culture is accomplished
when we serve other people”

My Three Pillars

The three pillars of my candidacy are: Protecting the Taxpayers, Respecting our History and Growing Responsibly. I look forward to serving with the new mayor and council. I hope to earn the support and votes of our neighbors in District 1.

Protecting the Taxpayers – First Responders, City Services, Economic Development, Workforce Development and Taxes.

First Responders are the front line of protection. They must be well trained and equipped to serve the 62,000 plus citizens of our community. World class city services are non-negotiable. We must deliver great value and respect the taxpayer customer as our reason for being there. We need to attract and retain the right kinds of jobs. Jobs that will be here long after we are not. We can facilitate training opportunities that help our neighbors prepare for the careers of tomorrow. We should invest tax dollars like they are coming out of our personal checkbook. We must safeguard tax dollars knowing that saying yes to something means saying no to something else. These are among a number of ways local government protects it’s taxpayers.

Respecting our History – Downtown, Architecture and Community Spirit

Downtown Noblesville, the courthouse square and the surrounding blocks contain some of the most, nostalgic, historically significant and beautiful architectural structures in Indiana. The blend of old and new is a constant visual reminder of where we came from. The exclusive flavor of design is impossible to replicate. It’s critical that we respect where we came from and that we remember we are responsible for preserving our history for future generations. Local government must find the correct balance between preserving where we came from and guiding where we are going.

Since the days of William Conner, Josiah Polk and the Delaware Indians Noblesville has embodied a unique community spirit. It’s Hoosier Hospitality delivered in a friendly exclusively Noblesville way. Ask visitors to Noblesville and they describe it differently but it’s a tangible feel as real as any one of our exclusive buildings. Respecting our history preserves the community spirit and the special attributes of Noblesville.

Growing Responsibly – Economic and Recreational

The wrong kind of growth is problematic. Responsible growth is saving first, spending second. Reduce debt where and as much as possible. If too much future tax money is pledged (via debt) ultimately, we can harm services, starve growth and increase costs. If not enough investment is made, we can also harm services and starve growth. It is important to find the right balance between investment, debt and savings.

Green-ways, parks and recreational opportunities are important to families in a growing vibrant Noblesville. Paying as we go is the responsible way to create and maintain these amenities, not with excessive debt.

The challenge for City Government is to use the tools available and achieve the right balance between Economic Growth that adds value to the city, excellent stewardship of the people’s money and honoring all the obligations and responsibilities to our citizenry. Responsible growth doesn’t often get headlines, it is the kitchen table common sense approach used by taxpayers in their own families.

For comments or questions Hall can be reached at or by phone at 317-832-1104. For more information regarding his candidacy, please visit

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