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Why I am running for Hamilton County Council

To continue to help my neighbors. As a 35-year resident, Noblesville and Hamilton County has given much to me personally and to my family. I see that our county needs help and I believe that I have the skills to fill that need. Our national leadership is in transition. We have economic uncertainty paired growth and safety expectations. The new administration will face challenges unlike we have seen before. Local government fiscal pressures are mounting, per capita debt is troubling, and neighboring cities are competing like never before for residents, businesses and recreational opportunities. New leaders will be challenged to do more. Steady experienced hands are needed to help make the key decisions that will impact Hamilton County decades.

Economic Development for Hamilton County. Not just jobs, but the right kind of jobs. Employment that is stable for the long-term benefit of the community.

The right leadership will leverage existing assets and incentive tools available to local government when fiscally sound to do so. The right mix of both will yield the right kind of Economic development.

I believe in Citizen Legislatures. We’ve got full time politicians. We’ve got full time part-time politicians. Most of us view politicians in a not so favorable light. In our local, state and federal government we see people in the same office not for years but for decades. Serving in government was never meant to be a lifetime job. Fresh blood brings new eyes, fresh ideas, fresh perspectives, no preconceived notions and an energizing excitement to serving the people.

Locally elected citizens have the biggest opportunity to improve the lives of our neighbors. Citizen legislatures are accountable because they can’t hide. They work alongside and go to church, restaurants and parks with those voters that put them in office. Hiding isn’t an option for citizen legislature. That’s what makes it work as all politics are local.

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