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For Hamilton County Council

"Neighbors Serving Neighbors"


My name is Mark Hall, three plus decade resident of Noblesville. I am husband to Lisa since 1979, father to Amber, Ashley and Alyssa and PaPaw to seven grandkids. People refer to me with lots of titles: Husband, Father, PaPaw, Elk, Deacon, Teacher, Coach, Student, Believer, Mentor, Entrepreneur, President and Problem-Solver.

I am a simple man, the son of a Union Boilermaker, a product of the American Dream and the GOP platform.

Why Local & County Government

Local government budgets are growing
to hundreds of millions of dollars
annually. As a concerned neighbor
I can’t just watch from the sidelines.
Did you know that Councils set
salaries, budgets, tax rates and
approve debt and expenses?

Why Public Office

I’m tired of standing on the
sidelines complaining about
what long-term establishment
politicians do. I attend
the county government
meetings and watch first hand
how our elected officials
oversee and spend our money.

What I Stand For

I am a Christian and stand
for my faith first. As an
employer and business
owner, I stand for
conservative execution. I
stand for a government that
looks at reducing its span of
control not growing it.

Get Involved

For a campaign to be successful, the support and active participation of constituents is needed.  To that end, I would be overjoyed to have you as part of my campaign.

Community and Business

To learn more about Mark’s community service & business, please visit:

To find out about Mark’s other passionate pursuits, please visit:

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