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“Influence in lives and culture is accomplished
when we serve other people”

MARK F HALL  for Noblesville and Hamilton County

Mark F. Hall for Noblesville City Council District 1

For over 30 years Noblesville occupies a special place in my heart. I look forward to serving the people of Noblesville.

Posted by Mark F Hall for Noblesville on Monday, January 28, 2019



For those in the audience that don’t know me, my name is Mark Hall. I am a Christian, a business owner, a husband of 40 years to my beautiful wife Lisa, Dad to three, and papaw to 6.

I am a simple man, the son of a Union Boilermaker, a product of the American Dream and the GOP platform.

Why City Council

With a budget of almost 60MM in
, I can’t stand on the sidelines
any longer.
Did you know that the
Council sets: salaries, budgets, fees,
debt and approves expenses?

Why Public Office

I’m tired of standing on the
sidelines complaining about
what long-term establishment
politicians do. I attend
the county government
meetings and watch first hand
how our elected officials
oversee and spend our money.

What I stand for

I am a Christian and stand
for my faith first. As an
employer and business
owner, I stand for
conservative execution. I
stand for a government that
looks at reducing its span of
control not growing it.


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