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I’m emotionally invested in Noblesville. I care deeply about the people that live here, what happens to us and how we are governed. I have vested roots here and this is where my people live and are growing up/old. I have family in Noblesville from age 94 to twelve months. I am passionate about the community where we live our lives for myself, my family and my neighbors.

My first business was founded in Noblesville in a spare bedroom in 1993. I know economic development because it’s what I live daily. With over 30 years’ experience employing tens of thousands of people, my expertise is in business operations, workforce planning, composition and delivery.

As a CEO, my blend of knowledge in finance, risk mitigation and large workforce agreements with companies makes me uniquely qualified to represent Noblesville’s first District. I know what it takes to run an enterprise. I have a deep understanding of finance, insurance, contracts, taxes, debt, financial statements, technology, law, accounting, environmental remediation, construction and education.

I know what it takes to attract business to Noblesville.

In addition to leading my own companies, I have 20 years of Board of Director experience with substantial enterprises, including terms as Board President, for Freedom School (English speaking school in the Dominican Republic) and Truth At Work (Faith based CEO and Executive leadership development not-for-profit).

I am a citizen legislature candidate looking to serve my community. I am not a career politician and don’t make a living from those who benefit from city contracts or decisions. I am a business person with some skills and experiences learned over time and I’m looking to give back.

I believe that I have the right blend of experience, knowledge and relationships to be the most effective candidate representing District One on the Noblesville Common Council.

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